Accomodation Options

The Organizers have made arrangements with the following hotels, all conveniently located with respect to the Workshop venue.

Invited speakers have been contacted by us directly for their hotel reservations. 

It is however the responsibility of the participants to contact the hotels directly, as to make their own reservations.

For your comfort, we have already made in each of those hotels a block reservation of a number of rooms. This block reservation is however only guaranteed up to a date set by the hotel (usually 2 months before the start of the Workshop).

It is therefore strongly advised to make your reservations as quickly as possible, as to avoid disappointments. For further information, the participants are referred directly to the hotel.

Warning of a scam from travellerpoint(dot)org

If you receiv(ed) emails from travellerpoint(dot)org, please be careful. The email asks about arrival and departure dates to Leuven and offers a hotel booking form where they ask for credit card details.

Please, ignore these emails and do not reply nor click on any link given by them. Our official emails are all from this website’s domain “”, and our only official contact mail is [email protected] .  Avoid giving private information to external sources. The only official way to register for the conference is by using the official form under registration on this website.  Hotels should be contacted by you directly with the information you find on this Accommodations page.

 Begijnhof Hotel****

Prices per night:

Single € 142 Single (in weekend € 122)

double € 162 (in weekend € 142).

Code to be given at reservation:  #1672

20 rooms in option, expires 15/9/2023

 Martin’s Kloosterhotel****

Prices: -15% (not on suites)
Code to be given at reservation: Please contact  the workshop organizers for the code.


    Price per night:

    Single € 145

    double € 155

    use individual registration form


    Price per night:

    Single: € 169

    Double: € 189

    20 rooms in option until 17/10/2023

    Use the weblink to book 

     Ibis Leuven Centrum***

    Price per night:
    Single € 130.5

    double € 145.5

    Code to be given at reservation: ECS 2023

    20 rooms in option until 15/10/2023

       Theater Hotel***

      Price for 3 nights:
      Single € 332

      double € 372 

      Code to be given at reservation: ECS 2023

      10 rooms in option until 15/10/2023

       The Shepherd Hotel***

      Price per night:

      Single € 124

      double € 134

      use code ECS 2023

      15 rooms in option until 01/10/23

       Park Inn***

      Price per night:

      Single € 149 (in weekends € 109)

      double € 164 (in weekends € 109)

      20 rooms in option

       Ibis budget Leuven centrum* 

      Price per night:
      Single € 90.05

      double € 99.95 

      Code to be given at reservation: 812974 ECS 2023 using reservation form

      30 rooms in option until 15/10/2023

        The KU Leuven is doing regular businesses with the hotels listed above. A full list of possible accommodation in the Leuven area can be found on

        Below you can find other hotel options, for these hotels and hostels we have not made any arrangements.  There are no rooms  in option or special prices per night.

        Other Hotel and Hostel Options

         Hotel Malon**

         Hotel Industrie*

         Youth Hostel De Blauwput

         Leuven City Hostel